What is vector picture?
Vector picture is a computer drawing, which is combined by number of a tens to thousands shapely or more often heteroclite geometrical figures with color fill. Every geometrical figures interlap by exactly defined sequence. Figures form general illustration by thus. It is possible to make a very successful drawings by this way. Drawing are often indistinguishable from photo on the face of it. Exist many formats of vector graphics from most common and less precious WMF (common clip art of Microsoft Office) to professional CDR (Corel Draw) or AI (Adobe Illustrator).

What use is for vector pictures?
The range of use is huge - especially for every publicity and other printed forms. High-quality vector picture can be used for informative printed matter (pamphlets, brochures...), but also for promotional and collectors things (stickers, posters, coloring books ... ). As well as it is vector graphic ideal for applied color of many things (t-shirts, lighters, potties...). By vector pictures is possible to make small and also large informative tables - cards and also billboards... Most essential fact is that picture from computer is (in contrast to hand-lettered picture) possible to copy without any stint (in same quality), so that every one picture have usage for infinite quantity of purpose.
Vector graphic was prove good in practice for creation of animals name badges in the ZOO or big informative tables, self-adhesive labels, postcards (in combination with bitmaps), T-shirts printing etc. Vector graphic is also integral part of many web sites.. (Many examples are on the page "What is possible to draw? (Specimens)" and on the page "Realize").
Bigger specimens are on the page "Realize".
Example - how is created picture of ocelot:
(interest for notion - the picture contains of 864 objects composite by 54.079 points, it means cca 75.000 mouse clicks - cca 10 hours of work)