How to order?
agreement by e-mail is the best (vide Contact) - to specify requirements is necessary.

the price is very individual - depending on many factors. The biggest influence on the final price is:
1) size - the amount of material (including reinforcements) and also of work
2) the numbers of details (feathers, scales, wrinkles, various protrusions etc.)
3) segmentation (whether the animal has 2 or 4 feet, whether it has horns, antlers... etc.)
4) surface - smoothed or coarser
5) size and type of eyes - the Czech eyes are cheap, but the selection is too small, the German product range is wide, but the price is about 5 times higher. As for about custom production (usually due to larger size) the price for 1 pair of eyes is a few hundreds Euros...

Note: in addition to small specimens, it is necessary to make the sculptures on the site or nearby - during the winter in some room (also relatively small suffices) with temperature not decreasing below +5 °C (better 10 °C).

Contact me with specific question for more detailed information.