On these pages there are all important information about my biggest and most important "artistic" - business activities, which are:

1) Computer graphics (and design) - in particular the very specific graphics discipline - vector graphics, serving for production of sundry informative and promotional publications and materials, for printing to anything (from shirts to car) and primarily for use on Web pages.
The vector pictures have numbers of utilizations, whereas for sharpness is not important size and resolution. You can to find out more about my working and creations on this site - what is vector, how is created, for what you can to use the vector, what difference is between it and bitmaps (photos) etc. You can find here also many specimens, examples and realizations.

2) Concrete sculptures - all sorts of things about unusual reinforced concrete sculptures of animals (and not of animals only). Their production is very time consuming and therefore expensive, but the result is worth that. The sculptures enjoying incredible popularity of the zoo visitors.